The Devil’s Bible / The Codex Gigas

What is Devil’s bible and who was wrote this book ?

       Humanity is fascinated with ancient relics because they function reminders of a bygone time and have managed to
endure up to now as vestiges of these who once roamed the earth as we do today the thought that these items were once created and used
by our ancient ancestors somehow it resonates with many folks due to their historical and cultural significance also because the
unanswered mysteries that surrounds a number of them.

        I think ancient books and texts in particular with the enigmatic knowledge that they
contain in their old and tattered pages are probably among the most fascinating of all of them and one among the most bizarre and
mysterious books of our past is that the codex gigas a medieval text known for sketch here during a more popular name ‘The Devil’s Bible‘ so
what is the codex Gaius ? 

       Well when translated into English it literally means an enormous book which name fits perfectly considering that this
ancient medieval manuscript is regarded as the most important one within the world is measured at 3 feet tall 1.64 feet wide
during a thickness of less than a foot and most folks can’t even pick this thing up because it weighs at around 165 pounds so
imagine the poor librarian trying to re-shelve this thing also this book is bound during a folder made of wood which is protected with leather
and is decorated with metal the book contains 310 sheets of parchment leaves said to possess been made from donkey skin or cow

       This suggests that the manuscript has actually 620 pages of writing in illustrations though it is believed that a couple of pages had been
removed from book for reasons I’ll know now the origin of this medieval manuscript are often traced back to a 13th century Bohemia which is
found and what is now referred to as the Czech Republic some believe the text was written by Hermann. 

      He recluse but it’s generally agreed
thereon it’s indicated within the manuscript that the book was later pawned to a monastery rather than like sometime in 1295 then it had
been purchased by the Benedictine monastery Breen of where it had been safely kept in his library between 1477 and 1593 incidentally the
monastery where the manuscript originally came from was destroyed sometime within the 15th century and it had been in 1590 for that the
codex gigas was brought to Prague and it had been added to the treasured collection of the holy roman emperor king without a second but
by the top of the year war in 1640 the Emperor’s collection was forcibly taken by the Swedish army as spoils of war in among them was the
large medieval manuscript and this is often how beginning in 1649 that codex was housed within the Swedish royal library in Stockholm and
it was there that supposedly the book actually hurt somebody physically.

       And I’m not talking about some random curse in the book . what
happened was a fireplace broke out at the Royal Castle in 1697 and so as to save lots of the book it had been thrown out of the window and
it landed on somebody anyway. after this incident the codex gigas continued to be kept inside the royal library until 2007 this medieval text
was temporarily returned into Prague on long-wear it had been displayed at the Czech national library until 2009 then the book was
returned to Sweden where it remains to this day now. 

      There are many reasons why the cold ice gigas was once considered the 8th wonder of
the planet a number of the more obvious reasons are its size and beauty but much of the interest regarding this medieval manuscript it’s in
his contents and therefore the intricate process it took to finish it you see around half the pages of the book contained a Vulgate version of
the Latin Bible’s Old and New Testaments the manuscript also contains a spread of shorter texts written in Latin also as alphabets of other
languages like Greek Hebrew and Slovak a number of them are medieval texts while another set of pages contain a kind of encyclopedia. 

      The book also contains a calendar and writings about magic spells and exorcisms pages of the texts also are heavily decorated with stylish
borders intricate lettering and various illustrations now among the various illustrations prominently featured in the manuscript one stands out
the foremost on the 290th page of the codex gigas a full-page depiction of the devil are often found it’s this particular portrait of the devil
that the medieval manuscripts other name the devil’s Bible was taken from so let’s mention the devil well in this context. 

     Anyway the devil
drawn in the book was a creature who is a component man and part beast with claws hooves and snake-like tongue I mean we’ve all seen
some illustrations of the devil before right Satan stands alone between two pillars and next to his image is an illustration of the dominion of
heaven wow it’s not uncommon to seek out depictions of the devil and a number of other ancient manuscripts it’s really rare to see an entire
page dedicated to the Dark Lord’s portraits and it’s also unusual for the double to be drunk all along without his subjects in hell. 

      Also as if the
devil’s image within the book is not curious and mysterious enough experts have also determined that the uniform handwriting seen
throughout the text suggests that the codex gigas was written by one scribe during a relatively short span of your time so considering the
varied collection of texts contained in his pages including the intricate illustrations and illuminations the realistic estimate for a single person
to finish the whole book are going to be around 25 to 30 years and also some time past – rather did not have a computer to type on I mean
writing was sort of exhausting however whoever wrote the manuscript showed really no signs of deterioration in his handwriting which could
be suffering from factors like the scribes age disease were moved over time also supported another estimate it might have taken one
individual around five years to finish the writings alone.

      If you wrote for 6 hours each day let’s say for 6 days of each single week there have
been also theories raised about the missing pages of the devil’s Bible and one among them is that they were deliberately disposed of as
they held deadly information which if utilized by mortals could lead on to catastrophic results others.  however are more pessimistic as they
believe that the last pages were already stolen by those who seek to satisfy some evil purpose so there are tons of questions here why was
the unholiest figure of the devil featured ?  in what’s alleged to be one of the foremost sacred texts of the planet and did one person really
manage to write everything within the devil’s bible in a short amount of your time ? 

     If so who is he or she but now nobody really knows ? but
there’s a legend behind his manuscripts creation according to a version of this medieval legend there was a monk who served during a
monastery this monk had committed a serious crime and he was sentenced to pay for his sins by being walled up online so as to flee his
severe punishments he vowed to write down a book that would bring immense glory to the monastery which could last throughout the ages
he promised to accomplish such a feat beat one night but even as he was close to run out of your time describe pray to the fallen angel
Lucifer for some reason to assist him finish the book by midnight a monk in fact offered his soul in exchange for the devil’s aid but he also
included a portrait of the Dark Lord within the text.

      As an expression of his gratitude and if that book was written today there’d be sort of a
page within the front that says yeah thank everybody who contributed to my writing especially the dubbo who I gave my soul to to assist me
complete this book anyway considering the dark legend involving its creation it’s not so surprising that the codex gigas has gained a
notorious reputation over the centuries for being cursed it’s believed that the miniskirt brings nothing but misfortune tragedy and illness to
those that come to possess it the evidence often raised by those that believe that the book is cursed and it also doesn’t help that wherever
this book was housed that place basically burned down also like i discussed today The Devil’s Bible is under the care of the National Library
of Sweden and Stockholm but just remember if we ever hear within the future that that place went up and smokes they’re gonna know why ? 

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