TOP 10 Mythical monsters !

10. The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster, or nessie is belongs to Scottish myth and first time in 1934 claim see the monster and took a picture at Scotland ,this picture known as ‘surgeon’s photograph. However, much of the evidence support the monster is exist but some researcher said it was a mythical creature ,we had nothing to strongly prove the existence of monster.
9. The Yeti / Abominable Snowman

The Yeti is a dangerous and mystical creature on planet. it is look like ape-man creature who is taller than average man and huge foot, it is belongs to Himalaya /mount Everest. Alexander the Great demanded to see a yeti But according to NAT-GEO , Local people told him they were unable to present one because the creature could not survive at that low an altitude. in 1921 one group of British explorers had discovers some very large footprints on the mount Everest.
8. Bigfoot

Bigfoot is belongs to North america and it is look like huge ape-man like creature same as yeti but it is smaller than yeti.the most famous picture taken by Roger Patterson,courtesy of red. About 1/3 of all claims of Bigfoot sightings are located in the pacific Northwest. in 2007 the Bigfoot research organization take step forward and get some evidence of Bigfoot to prove the existence.
7.The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature and it is belongs to south new jersey /Philadelphia . The creature described as a flying biped with hooves, but there is many variations.this creature was great myth till the present.The king of Spain was seen this creature very first time at kingdom.In 1909 Robert D. Carson offered a $10,000 reward for the Devil’s capture. The reward remains uncollected.

In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, a creature half women who lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song. there were three kinds of sirens: The first were under the government of Zeus, the second under that of Poseidon, and the third of Hades.
5. Werewolf

werewolf very dangerous creature, it was belongs to a European myth and it was look like man wolf with giant body, according to myth that creature found in full moon time and transform man into werewolf . in 15th century this creature myth spread throughout Europe. in 1725 peter the wild boy wandering naked in German forest and some people thought that he was a werewolf.
4.The Basilisk

The Basilisk was belongs to European mythology. it was look like hybrid reptile and deadly venomous called also king of snake and the legendary creature birth from egg by had some powers like venom, killing sound ,and breathing fire. this creature was traditional symbol of the Swiss city bales.
3. Chimera

The chimera was belongs to Greek mythology , it was hybrid monster with fire-breathing. it was look like a lion with head of a goat protruding from its back and tail end with snake head. this creatures are describe in different genealogies according that it had lion body,goat head in middle and snake head at end of tail.
2. Dragon

A Dragons was belongs to many mythology. there are available different descriptions according to cultures in western cultures it had wings with four legs and fire-breathing .in eastern cultures the dragons was wingless creature. Dragons usually to reside in deep sea, darken caves , wild mountain and haunted forest.
1. The Kraken

The Kraken was one of the deadliest and dangerous mythical was look like giant squids sea monster. it was mainly presence in the coasts of Norway and Greenland and nearby sailors.the author of old Norwegian said that they were only two in existence at same place of Greenland sea , so it can’t capable to reproduction and increasing in number. in 1802 the french Pierre denys de montfort said that there are only two kind of giant octopus was the kraken octopus and second one the colossal octopus.





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