TOP 10 Egyptian gods !

Let’s We are talk about top 10 ancient Egyptian gods and this list based on the power and priority in god history. 

10. Sobek

Sobek is a powerful ancient Egyptian god in history.he was represented by the Nile crocodile or west African crocodile. he was protect against the disaster and associated to pharaonic power. sobek was presence in (c. 2686-2181 BCE ) old kingdom of Egypt to (c. 30 BCE-350 CE) the roman period.he was one of the longstanding gods in Egyptian history. he also know as a god of the Nile.

9. Thoth

Thoth is a one of the most intelligent god in Egyptian history. he was the god of writing, wisdom, art, magic , science, hieroglyphs, judgment , the dead. he represented by the man with the head of ibis or a baboon. he was also know as a moon god. according to Egyptian history Thoth was a invent writing and measurement ,magic and created 365 days calendar too.

8. Geb

Geb is represented by the god of the earth. according to Egyptian history this god had some great power according to earth and animal nature. he had a viper around his head for the protection and he was also know as a father of the snake.according to myth laughter of geb generate earthquakes on earth. he was also called god of vegetation.

7. set/seth

According to Egyptian history the Seth is known as a god of desert , violence, envy, storm , disorder. ancient Egyptian god seth is accosiated with planet mercury and he is a son of Geb. seth was a chief god and god of war too.

6. Horus

Horus the son of Isis and Osiris. he was the Egyptian god of the sky. he was fight with his uncle set and take back his kingdom from him. after this he became the king of Egypt.during the fight he lost his eye and it was the powerful weapon for Horus. according to Egyptian history the eyes of Horus is symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. he was represented by falcon head man.

5. Isis

Isis was a greatest Egyptian goddess.she was a wife of osiris and mother of Horus. according to history she was a goddess of life and magic, she was protected woman and children. she had one of the great power the power of healing. represented by the ankh, her wings, her throne headdress.

4. Anubis

Anubis is represented by the god of death, mummification, embalming, the afterlife. he was one of the great underworld god who was depicted by canine head man or the African gold wolf. according the history he was decide the soul path after the life.

3. Ra

Ra is one of the most important god in ancient Egyptian history. he is the god of sun, order , kings ,the sky. according to history he was believed to rule all part of created world. he was represented by the falcon head man with sun on his head. the father of Osiris , Set , Anubis and grand father of hours. 

2. Osiris

Osiris the father of Horus and son of Ra was great god king in history. he was the god of life, vegetation , fertility, agriculture,and rebirth. he was represented by the green skin god with pharaoh’s beard,partially mummy wrap. he was the judge of the death, lord of silence. he was killed by his brother set into 14 pieces. after this set rule on Egypt.

1. Amun-Ra

Amun-Ra was one of the most powerful god in ancient Egyptian history. he represented by the ankh and depiction of Amun was two plumes on his head.he was command the all Egyptians and symbol of recreation. Amun-Ra had position of patron of Thebes.





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