TOP 10 Smartphone gadgets of 2020 !


Smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lifestyle, thanks to innovative technology as now we can do more than just calling and text messaging from this tiny little device but sometimes our phones cannot fully serve our purposes on their own and that’s why you should have some smart phone gadgets.

 These gadgets will allow you to use your smart phone to its fullest potential and make your lives tell more convenient and efficient in today’s article we are going to talk about

The top 10 smart phone gadgets that you can have to make your lifestyle hassle-free.

10. Adaprox Finger :

Make your life hassle-free with Adaprox finger bot the worlds smallest robot for controlling all kind of button and switches remotely and smartly. it comes Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect it with any smartphone with its 100 meter range and allows you to easily control it from the app.

 This robot is compatible with smart voices assistance such as Siri and Google that allows you to control it by voice command without leaving your comfort zone. it has a built-in 500 million per hour battery that lasts up to six months on a single charge so that you can forget the hassle of recharging the device frequently.

 You can attach the finger bot on any surface with double-sided tape and encountered multiple accessories so that you can modify it to fit many different scenarios. if you’re a lazy person or just forget to turn off the light after getting to bed then adaprox finger bot is the perfect robot for you. this smartphone gadget definitely helps you.

9. PITAKA Air Quad :

Solve your charging problems on all your Apple devices would attack our air quad an MFI certified wireless charging station that ensures all of our Apple devices always did charged up. this charging station lets you wirelessly charge up to four devices simultaneously.

It features and MFI certified 18 watt charging connector that allows you to charge your USB type-c compatible devices very easily. it also features a 5 watt wireless charging zone for our low power consuming devices like airports along with a 10 watt wireless charging pad for car hungry devices made from genuine aramid fiber and zinc alloy this charging station does an excellent job of heat dissipation and ensures its durability.

 This charging station features LDR sensing technology that adjusts your smartphone’s brightness according to your room brightness at night.the pitaka air quad lets you deal with your turn problems like the pro hands.

8. Fiora-wireless car charger:

Without proper power supply and attachments charging your phone while traveling can be difficult that’s why you need fiora ultimate car charge.r the ultimate car charging solution for smartphone. it comes in 15 watt wireless charging pad that charges your smartphone effectively as a drive.

 It also counted a QC 3.0 adapter to make charging speed even faster. it features a smart lock technology that intuitively detects your cell phone and locks automatically. it also features a OneTouch release sensor that allows you to get your phone off the charger conveniently.

 You can mount your smartphone in three different positions to achieve a secure and stable fit while driving. it also counted three different mounting options that allow you to attach it on any car. this car charger has multiple safety features to ensure safety for you and smartphone.

It also comes with a cooling system that prevents your phone from overheating. if you are looking for the perfect car charger for your smartphone that can provide proper power supply and keeps your phone locked in place for better navigation than the fiora car charger is the right choice for you. 

7. Charmast power banks:

Charmast is a globally recognized brand that specializes on making power banks keeping your devices full of power. they manufacture a different type of power banks that are rugged and compact. we have the tiniest PD enabled power bank from charmast with 10,000 and 400 million power capacity that you can carry in your pocket every day anywhere you go.


It comes at dual qc 3.0 outputs along with a type z pad board that can deliver 18 watt of element. you can quickly charge three devices with this QC 3.0 and USB type-c polls simultaneously.

 Then we have the USB type-c 10,000 and 400 million per hour battery pack from charmast. we’re just a little bigger than the previous one. yet you can carry it in a pocket or inside of your backpack. it comes with 2 USB port and one is the type c port but little charge three devices Simultaneously. it seems be type C port can provide 15 watt of output to quickly charge up devices the power bank also features an LD par display that shows you accurate Harlem.

 Then we have the slimmest 26,000 and 800 million power bank from char mast. it comes with three USB and One USB type-c port that lets you charge for devices Simultaneously. in its USB type C port can supply a powerful 3 ampere current by itself and supports fast input and output.

It comes in a 0.55 inches thickness flame body for easy carry another version of this massive power bank comes in accusative QC 3.0 user type a port and new types a PD port its USB types C PD port can provide a massive 18 watt output that lets you charge your MacBook with it.

 If you want to charge your laptop then you can get any of the laptop or the one with QC 3.0 to meet your faster than requirements all the charmast power banks come with a smart a technology to provide efficient charging and safety features to ensure safety for you and your devices. 

6. Crusher ANC:

Enjoy great quality music wherever you go with crusher ANC a powerful noise cancellation headphone  that lets you hear music as it was intended to with the perfect combination of 40 millimeter driver and answer technology. this headphone is capable of delivering punch obeys and keeps you isolated from the environment your in.

 This headphone Leads to customize your music listening experience with smartphone app while it’s adjustable sensory base lets to enhance the basic room music. this headphone comes with padded air cups that lets you wear comfortably for a long time and comes in a foldable design and you can carry with you on any trip and use it without any hassle.

 Equipped with a massive battery this headphone can provide a maximum playback time up to 24 hours on a single charge the crusher ANC selects to inject great quality music on the go and provides to immersive music experience and you can get one.

5. Anker I phone LED Flash :

Take breathtaking photos and videos even in low-light conditions with anker iPhone LED flash a unique LED flash that provides essential brightness in low-light for your perfect shots. this LED flash can produce four times brighter light and double the range compared to iPhones average flash and lets you take excellent quality photos and videos in low-light conditions.

 Its built-in lightning connector ensures the LED light is always perfectly synchronized to your iPhone 11. the slide is also compatible with iPhone camera app and third-party cameras. this light offers dual light modes its flash mode synchronizes with your iPhone to take more than 10,000 photos in a single charge. while its flashlight provides perfectly lighting for up to 50 minutes.

The anker iPhone LED flash shoot excellent quality photos and videos in any low-light conditions with your iPhone and unleash your creativity.

4. Card20 : 

Enjoy the best quality music on the go with car 20 a super thin tws headphone that are built to provide you supreme sound quality. it comes with premium 13 limited drivers which produces puncher base and clear vocals for your ears to enjoy.

 This headphone features Bluetooth 5.0 with transmission range up to 10 meters and aptX codec that ensures lag free music experience without any latency.

 This headphone does an excellent job at noise cancellation we did CVC algorithms by Qualcomm it also offers excellent call quality with a Hilbert’s nylon microphone. it comes it’s a massive 300 milliamp hour battery that allows you to enjoy music for 20 hours on a single charge without even stopping.

 This headphone comes as an IPX4 water rating that allows you to enjoy music even in wet conditions without any worry. the card point is a great pair of wireless headphones – heavy – that allows you to enjoy great quality music on the go.

3. Soundboom :

Enjoy great quality music wherever you are with sound boom a futuristic design speaker that makes you rethink how speaker actually work. it has a built-in 5 watt speaker that lets you listen music with punch or bass and clear vocals and spice up your party mood wherever you are.

 The speaker takes power from your phone server charging that gives you the total freedom from charging hassle and allows you to enjoy music anywhere. thanks to its instant pairing as you can forget the hassle of pairing your phone until the speaker just keep it on the speaker’s reversed charging area and play your music conveniently to make your stay worry free the speaker comes with IPS for rating that allows you to enjoy music at beach or near the pool with peace of mind.

The sound boom speaker can be a great music player for your smartphone hands.

2. Lefom LT04 :

Enjoy fitness with music on the go with Lefom  l teaser for a perfect combination of wireless headphone with fitness tracking wearable which is a perfect addition for your smartphone.

This wearable features a 0.96 inch TFT display which makes it super easy to interact with the device. it fit with heart rate blood pressure and other sensors. this wearable does an excellent job at monitoring her health.

 It comes in a great pair of wireless headphones the features Bluetooth 5.0 for latency free connection and allows you to enjoy music wherever you go. the bracelet has a built in 160 million power battery with 15 days of standby time while the headphones have a 35 milliamp hour battery so that you can listen to music for a long time.

 It comes in an ip67 waterproof rating that allows you to wear it and use it even in wet conditions without any worry. leform LT04 you likes to enjoy music while keeping track for health and makes it a perfect smartphone gadget for your smartphone.


Explore the microscopic world with the most powerful and compact microscope the diple microscope a unique and powerful microscope that you can use with any smartphone. this microscope is capable of giving you a 1,000 times magnification using your smartphone or tablet as a monitor.

 It even lets you take pictures and videos in HD resolution its magnifying objective lenses can work when immersed in transparent liquids and comes. it expanded filters to match specific needs. the innovative objective lens of Dipple is made with metal meaning. the objective lens can survive drops from up to 10 meters without any issue.

 Measuring in at 17.6 centimeter length the whole diple system is actually smaller than the box your smartphone came in and lets you carry it anywhere with you.

If you love to explore microscopic world and looking for an affordable solution then the DIPLE microscope is the perfect choice for you. this is one of the best smartphone gadgets of 2020 !

Top 10 smartphone gadgets for you and you can buy easily an online platform.




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