Is yoga good for weight loss and how to do ?


how to do yoga with peace of mind.

Yoga is known for it’s calming meditative benefits both on and off the mat but a bigger question that comes to mind

Is yoga good for weight loss?

So you love the idea of yoga in comparison to the high stress high anxiety-inducing workouts that you’re normally used to seeing at gyms and you want to become fit for the rest of your life but you don’t want to have to constantly dread your workouts or feel like you’re about to die in an asthmatic attack.

So the real question is here,

Is yoga good for weight loss ?

So I decided to do some research, I scoured the internet ,looked at articles and YouTube videos to find an answer to this question and from my search I’ve discovered that this Particular question is a controversial one among the yogi community.

But I did find a common thread there are two types of yoga to really be thinking about here,

do yoga and change the mind of state.

1. The one form of yoga which is meditative yoga.

So yoga that is purely meditative in nature like asanas, pranayama and hatha just to name a few.

  • While they do have enormous mental wellness benefits.
  • They do not directly help you to lose weight.

2. The other type of yoga which is the intense yoga.

Yoga that is more intense like vinyasa flow and Ashtanga have more movement and flow to them.

So when yoga is used in this manner

  • It does help you to directly lose weight.
  • Change your body composition.
  • Your heart rate is up.
  • You’re sweating.
  • Your muscles are getting toner.
  • Your strength is building.
  • You’re creating more fat-burning mechanisms in your body.

And these are essentially the ingredients for weight loss.

Is yoga good for loss weight, i mean yes, so how ?

Yoga INDIRECTLY helping you lose weight

  • For the most part yoga in all its forms brings mental clarity and a deeper connection to yourself both on and off the mat.
  • Meaning you are less stressed out and better able to make decisions that are good for you throughout the entire day.
there are many benefits of yoga. it's helps to reduce stress and fell happier.

What that looks like is ?

  • You’re less likely to stress eat.
  • Your mood improves.
  • You can commit to your workout schedule.
  • You become more consistent.
  • You reduce the overall stress levels in your body.

When your body is super stressed out essentially the hormones in your body are telling your body to hold the fat reserves because you’re in some sort of danger and you have to get through that situation.

Whereas if you are less stressed there’s less of a reason for your body to hold onto the fats.

Best of all yoga helps you to intrinsically love yourself and to feel good in your own skin out of everything that I’ve ever done.

In my health journey being able to fully come to terms with how my body looks and how I feel In my own skin has been a major game changer for me.

  • So even though some forms of yoga may not directly help you lose weight.
  • You make better choices for yourself and you’re in the right state of mind.
  • Thereby allowing you to be more consistent at losing weight.

So just doing yoga alone and not changing your diet is not gonna help you lose weight. you will not lose weight if you don’t change your diet!

So whatever type of yoga you decide to use be sure that you pair that with a clean diet.

And you know what it’s just nice

It goes to show that you don’t need to be doing high-impact, sweat-inducing exercise like CrossFit.

In my opinion,

I like to do the more meditative portions of yoga but at the same time add in the heart pumping exercises that help to tone my muscles and help me lose weight effectively over time. so basically,yes is yoga good for weight loss.


These five yoga is definitely work and for beginner it is easy to do.


best yoga pose for weight loss which help to improve digestion system.

  • So now once you’re ready just come onto your knees.
  • Placing your elbows really form a nice.
  •  Interlock your fingers and take your deep breaths.
  • Roll back your toes and ask you exhale.
  • Just slowly lift your knees and hips away from the mat .
  •  Putting your head down breathe normally inhale and exhale. make sure your breath is really normal.


this yoga pose reduce fat from body

  • Roll your shoulders back and slowly lean all the way back.
  • Keeping your back strong and nice and sturdy.
  • After as you inhale lift your legs slowly off the mats.
  •  Inhale lift your legs all the way up slowly.
  • Release your arms to the size of your body and hold the posture not your breath to remember to breathe.


yoga pose improves the mind of state and boost your digestion system.

  • You’re going to place both your elbows right at the back.
  • Open your heart first as you inhale and slowly as you exhale.
  • Drop the crown of the head all the way down to the mat.
  • Now from here if you cannot reach the floor it always suggests we’re walking through your elbows and stay there for couple deep breath.


this yoga pose make flexible and strong your muscle.

  • Begin by lying down onto the sight line.
  • Really comfortably down here so support your neck.
  • Inhale lift your right leg up okay and hold your right big toe with your right arm.
  • Slowly as you exhale lift and extend your arm and your leg as well pull.


this yoga pose improve your immune system and digestion system with more flexibility.

  • Begin to lie down on your back.
  • Place your heels as close as possible to your butt.
  • Hold your ankles make sure your thumb is outside.
  • When you’re ready slowly inhale and lift your hips all the way up so try and reach as high as possible.
  • But your breath should be in the normal range and stay there for a couple of deep breath.

What are the myths about yoga ?

yoga is really good for stress, depression, and digestion.

Myth 1 : You have to be flexible to do yoga.

  • I mean I get why people think that this is true but it couldn’t be further from the truth so when I started practicing yoga I had zero flexibility could barely touch my toes I could barely grab my foot behind my leg and I had no idea what I was doing.
  • The whole point of yoga is that it’s a journey and that you have to build to get to where you want to be and sometimes your body is more strong than it is flexible but really Yoga is for all levels.

Myth 2 : There’s only one type of yoga

  • This one is frustrating for me someone who’s passionate about yoga when I try to get my friends involved in yoga and they tell me they’ve tried yoga and they absolutely hate it.
  • My biggest thing that I want to tell you and that I share with them is that if you went to a yoga class and you hated it there’s so many different types of yoga that you can try. there’s over 12 different types of yoga.
  • So if you went to a class maybe it was a slower class and you thought it was a little bit boring or you couldn’t focus or maybe it was too hard and you thought this is too advanced for me.
  •  Well maybe you need a little bit more of a beginner class. so definitely do your research on all the different types of yoga the most popular that’s out there right now is VINYASA flow but there’s so many different types there’s restorative, there’s ash Tonga, which is a little bit more challenging.
  •  Doesn’t have someone leading you. you kind of teach yourself so whatever you like to do. there is a type of yoga for you which is really cool and really exciting when you think about it.

Myth 3 : Yoga is all complicated poses :

  • If you go to class everyone is going to be judging you. if you can’t fold these crazy poses this one is so important to break down the barrier on because Yoga is actually all about your body it’s not about everyone else.
  • So when you go to class no one is watching what you’re doing. everyone is focused on their own journey on their own mat. it’s a non-judgmental space and if you’re feeling the type of judgement from people that’s definitely then projecting themselves onto you.
  • So don’t look focus on how your form is compared to other people’s form because everyone’s body is so different and sometimes on social media you see people in these really crazy and complicated poses.
  • And you think well I can’t do that and if I go to a yoga studio I’m not gonna be able to do that, the reality of it is, a lot of the time yoga photography is so different than when people are practicing in class and I try to tell people that all the time.
  • So bottom line if you’re afraid people are gonna be watching you and judging you that’s not what yoga is all about.

myth 4: Yoga is not for everybody

  • It’s only for people who have that stereotypical Yoga body frame. Yoga is for everybody. it doesn’t matter your age. it doesn’t matter your weight. it doesn’t matter your size all that matters is that you want to show up and you want to begin a yoga practice.
  • There are a million modifications for every yoga pose. if you know have a bad knee or you have a bad shoulder. you need to talk with your teacher and you need to know what those modifications are specific for you that way you can practice and get so many benefits out of it.
  •  The first step show up to a beginner class and if you don’t have a studio nearby. there’s so many online studios available to you so really.
  • The moral of this myth Yoga is for everyone which is actually really exciting.

What are the benefits of yoga ?

yoga really helps to improve your energy levels and improve sex life also.

Yoga is quickly becoming one among the most well liked trends in health and fitness. if you reside during a big city. it probably seems like there is a yoga studio on every corner and let’s be real. is there a lady who doesn’t own a pair of yoga pants these days ?

Many of these pants may never make it to the within of a yoga studio.

I’m gonna tell you some reasons why

  • You’re gonna find out how just a couple of minutes of yoga will cause you to more mentally alert happier and healthier.

First let’s mention the science

There are a shocking amount of studies that show the health benefits of yoga.

If you think that it’s something for only the naturally flexible are for the hippies re-evaluate here are a number of the best benefits of starting a daily yoga practice.

1. Researchers from the University of Washington found that a regular yoga practice helps one fight sugar cravings, improve breathing and help with emotional awareness.

They found that yoga gave people a way of mindful eating during which they were consciously aware of the impact of the food they ate made on their body.

This gave practitioners better control over their eating habits and eating decisions.

2. Oxford University found that folks who practice yoga just one occasion every week slept better had lower vital sign and were overall less stressed than their non yoga counterparts.

This lowering of cortisol and stress levels led people to be more relaxed and during a happy state of mind. it also helped them manage stressful situations better and not totally freaked out.

3. There’s even significant evidence behind is yoga good for weight loss , including its ability to balance hormonal levels manage cravings as mentioned before and burn the equivalent calories of any standard workout routine.

It seems the favored term yoga body actually has some evidence behind it finally yoga has proven to assist the body become more flexible relieve migraines. improved posture decompress, lower back pain, boost immunity and may even help you have better sex.

That’s tons of stuff so at now you may be thinking what is the best way to get started try a 20 minute yoga workout. see how you feel so scientifically proven that is yoga good for weight loss and it’s right.

I hope you understand how yoga improve our daily lifestyle and what are the benifites of yoga as well we know that is yoga good for weight loss than yes it is. so now everyone decide to do yoga 3 times or more whatever you manage in week. it’s really life changing experience.  




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