What is Major Depression Disorder And Symptoms?

How do you assess depression other than psycho diagnostic tests?

Here we had some information about depression in this article you will understand what is depression and how to recognized and what are the types of  depression. 


 Humans respond to stress loss and adversity in a variety of ways many of us have experienced low mood and spirits when faced with a difficulty or a loss we may lose our sleep appetite it may not feel like socializing or meeting people this change in behavior is a normal human reaction to a stressful situation as such a state is transient and goes away in a couple of days but if symptoms such as,


 1. low mood 

 2. hopelessness

 3. changes in appetite 

 4. sleep patterns loss

 5. of interest in hobbies and Adonia

Feelings of guilt persist for more than two weeks and negatively affect our social domestic and occupational functioning then it is no more a normal reaction but a pathological one and may merit a concern for clinical depression major depression is extremely common among various societies and despite being a treatable illness goes largely undiagnosed due to its insidious nature and the stigma attached to its diagnosis and seeking treatment.

Case for urgency

According to the International global burden of disease study major depressive disorder MDD is the third leading cause of the years lived with disability why Aldi’s which can be described as years lived in less than ideal health in Pakistan and globally the socio-economic burden of mental illness in Pakistan is tremendous of which MDD contributes Significantly and was estimated to be approximately 4264 million u.s. dollars. according to a report published in 2016 very 40 seconds a person commits suicide for every person who commits suicide there are 20 people who attempt ending their lives mental illness at large and major depression is particular pose a public health challenge which calls health policy Institute’s and governments to take appropriate steps.

Diagnosis Signs and Symptoms 

major depressive disorder is diagnosed on the basis of a set of 9 symptoms formulated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual dsm-5 and their context 5 or more of the 9  symptoms including at least one of depressed mood and loss of interest or pleasure in the same two-week period and Each of the symptoms represent a change from previous functioning these symptoms.

1. include depressed mood subjective or

2. observed irritability is more common in teenagers 

3. loss of interest of pleasure

4. change in weight or appetite

5. insomnia or hypersomnia 

6. psychomotor agitation observed 

7. loss of energy or fatigue

8. feelings of worthlessness or guilt

9. impaired concentration or indecisiveness

10. thoughts of death or suicidal ideation and attempt if there is depression

resulting in significant clinical impairment but not meeting the above criteria for major depression then it is termed as

Adjustment disorder with depressed mood 

This occurs within 3 months following a stressful life event and does not persist for 6 months after the termination of the stressor if there are depressive symptoms occurring within 2 months of the death of a loved one then it is considered as normal grief if symptoms persist beyond 2 months then a diagnosis of major depression needs to be explored.


Major depression can be mild, moderate or severe .

  • In mild depression despite the symptoms functioning would still be preserved.
  • In moderate depressive illness the different facets of functioning would be markedly impaired whereas.
  • In severe major depression disorder one may experience and act on suicidal thoughts.
  • In very severe forms one may even experience hallucinations and delusions.

Accompanying the mood symptoms which is termed as 

Major depression with psychotic features 

This is the basic information about depression. i hope you understand what is basic depression symptoms.  





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