Top 10 Student Gadgets that can help you in your learning

What are the new gadgets which help to improve study ? 

Studying is getting harder each year and students are required to know a lot more than before as harder study becomes technologies paving its way to make study more fun and interactive this way students can learn more and feel less pressured while learning today we will introduce you to top 10 devices that will help you learn more quickly and in a fun way

10. Newest A5 Smart Erasable Notebook

Every year millions of trees are being cut down only to make paper that affects our nature a lot to lower this amount newest smart erasable notebook has arrived it’s made with synthetic materials weight and hot erasable paper providing you an extremely smooth writing experience this smart notebook comes with a water erasable M in Japan it’s a magic notebook that allows 15 seconds for ink to dry you can simply wipe the notes keep it clean as a blank page with a hot air dryer or erasable pen tip with smart cloud storage function you can upload your notes to Google Drive Dropbox Evernote box OneNote iCloud and email just download the camScanner app upload your notes and edit them later if needed and quickly search them whenever you need no more wasting paper this notebook can be reused for around 500 times save your money and also protect the environment with great reviews and ratings the smart notebook is available on Amazon at around 17 dollars only.


Our table is your very own AI best friend a home assistant that is small enough to fit anywhere you go and designed to make daily lives simpler than before our table comes with an AI block ,a motor block, a connector block and silicon wheels using the camera in the AI block our table can decipher and recognize objects are images and it’s capable to verify and identify people only by capturing the digital imagery then comes our tables chat bot function that allows you to receive natural and clear responses from our table when you ask a question or make a request using the microphone in the AI block the art people can recognize when you are talking asking a question are giving a command it is also featured with a wake up call play music make scheduled reading fairy tales translation playing with pets learn coding and much more fun all you can do in one command after a successful campaign on Kickstarter The ARTIBO is now available online at around 400 dollars.

8. Imagicharm

Imagine term is a colorful accessory designed for the girls to customize directly from their phones using code which empowers girls to explore their creativity and learn programming Imagi term uses Bluetooth so you can program it at home or on-the-go from your phone and you don’t need any previous experience of programming to operate this it has 64 LED lights that can be programmed to light up in any color and can take on new designs and shapes every day multiple times it’s a bit like learning how to put Lego blocks together once you know how they work you are ready to get creative with your own 8×8 grid girls can work imagine on their backpacks tote bags purses or jackets or can even hang on it their keys whereas necklace headband and even earrings imagine is currently running their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

7. Astroreality Space Mug

Astral reality comes with a special kind of mug in which you’ll be able to experience the 500 million square kilometers landscapes satellite images by the help of NASA the astral reality is structured by the augmented reality technology just scan your phone on the mug open the astral reality Explorer app and always be in touch with the blue planet all the images came from NASA and us just high-definition photos that covers most of the surface of the world the astral reality experience is completely interactive and customizable allowing you to see the Earth from almost any orbital position you can think of not only the spaces you can also experience the Grand Canyon Lake the Himalayas the Amazon rainforest and more than 200 countries from a bird’s eye view just sitting on her couch this mug is made of premium quality of robust ceramics containing the high mechanical physical strength and is available on Amazon at around $30 only.

6. Paperang P2

Paperang P2 handheld mini bluetooth photo printer adapts Japanese professional print technology to ensure the whole image structure its 0.087 millimeter head achieves 300 dpi resolution on 57 by 30 millimeter paper showing the printing beauty it connects to your phone via bluetooth just take a picture print it and stick it on your wall instantly paper hang supports OCR function that allows you to convert the image text to the real text just take a picture and print the impressive words easily with built-in thousand mah Li polymer battery which can continuously print six rolls of paper and can be charged with any USB cable if you ever feel photo printing is too costly you can mass print your photos using the lowest cost method include thermal printing just keeping it on your palm the paper ranked Picchu is available on Amazon at around $53 only.

5. Livin farms

Introducing hive Explorer a portable smart insect farm and micro eco system for mealworms empowers you to recycle your food waste into fertilizer and proteins food wastes should be avoided in the first place and by the help of hive Explorer you can reduce your food waste by feeding the rest of the food are the rotten food to the mealworms  are great food both for the animal and human they are enriched with the meat and plant-based proteins where the similar protein contents in red meats like beef and the beneficial amino acid in addition milrose by-product becomes like dry powder contents very healthy protein that will allow you to feed your plants in daily basis you can devise your own chemistry experiment exploring topics surrounding the live stages of the mealworms metamorphosis photosynthesis of plants nitrogen cycle and many more this product is available online at around $140 only.

4. Winky

The main bot company created winking an educational programmable robot for children aged between five to twelve commanding educative contents and emotional behavior today’s children interact daily with artificial intelligence without even realizing it Winky prepares them for the tomorrow’s world Winky is integrated with artificial intelligence and its personality will develop organically via the interactions of people and environment around it Winky teaches the children how to program with a companion tablet through a blog based visual language that allows them to create their own applications such as an alarm clock the kids can even program the Winky with different expressions and they can create their own games Winky offers the children access to memory games and apps that helps the children to go through topics like math science nutrition and artificial intelligence combining teaching and entertainment to help their concentration levels Winky has a customizable design and the children can create and attach their own modules including Winky pandas Winky bunny and Winky CAD kids Winky is on the production phase on IndieGoGo and it will be available very soon.

3. Lily

If you really want to be a fluent in Chinese without the help of any translation books no vocabulary lists no flashcards then meet Lily the world’s first smart speaker that can teach you Chinese Lily comes with interactive conversations real-time translation vocabulary voice games and a Chinese voice assistant with you anytime directive conversations allow you to practice your speech by having conversations with Lily and uses speech recognition and voice synthesis to understand things and reply with a human voice Lily will help you with queries in Chinese such as time whether ordering food seeing a doctor introducing yourself stories and many more you will get translations quickly through its real-time translation technology you can also search your translations and reveal them through the companion mobile app this smart speaker offers you a high quality 360-degree sound with beautiful design and intuitive touch control Lily is designed with own AI chipsets for more privacy Lily is on the production phase on IndieGoGo and it will be available very soon.

2. Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus

If you want a digital pen with wide range of sophisticated and intuitive features meet bamboo ink plus which is designed to take your creativity further on screen whatever your highlighting drawing or sketching it’s easy to capture your ideas in Windows ink as naturally as he will do on paper with bamboo ink plus operating is easy just press the bamboo ink plus Bluetooth button to launch the windows ink workspace and take your ideas to the next level with the help of this pen every stroke looks authentic because of its natural tilt support which detects the angle of the pen in relation to the drawing surface you can even change your writing experience to best suit whatever your highlighting drawing are sketching just with its different nibs in the nib kit and no need to replace batteries simply recharge your bamboo ink plus with a USBC connector the Wacom Bamboo ink plus is available on Amazon at around $34 only.

1. Hexbot All in 1 Robot Arm

Introducing hex bot the first of its kind robotic arm that is a staple of the modern landscape tackling projects in both the medical field and in manufacturing designed for designers and anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life you can complete any task of grasping transforming a drawing into 3d printing our laser engraving through the hex bots robotic arm the hex bot can be operated by a 3.5 inch movable touchscreen display which will allow you to check its status and command the hex bot with your hands with the pen holder module system hex bot can write a letter draw a picture and turn your design into pen and ink with the laser engraving module you can easily engrave on wood leather paper and other materials thanks to its modular design hex bot no longer has unwanted screws on the end-effector and you can change out modules in just one click with its unique software hex bot will give you an interactive way to control and bring your ideas to life the hex bot is on the production phase on IndieGoGo.

 This is our Top 10 Student Gadgets that can help you in your learning and make it fun and interactive if you like this article then give your comment and share it with your friends. 




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