Top 10 Myths of Area 51

and welcome back to the foremost Amazing blog on the web – i’m your writer Heisenberg and …. oh look…., we are talking about the highest 10 Scary Area 51 Myths, or a minimum of
we think they’re myths…. I guess we’ll see when the much anticipated storming

10. The Aurora Project 

Aurora Project this is often some Black Ops spy plane businesses! Back in 1989
people began believing that Area 51 was home to an excellent fast, leading edge
spy plane that would travel 3 times the speed of a concord. The plane was
rumored to be called Aurora and is claimed to still exist today. The so called
black project was said to possess been in development under lock and key in
Area 51 and is claimed to be a triangular plane more powerful than the Lockheed
SR 71 Blackbird. Adding fuel to the hearth , the plane was spotted over
California and within the UK – In 2014, mysterious sonic booms were heard in
London and NY , leading people once more to suspect a spy plane travelling at
hyper-sonic speed. The Air force are protective of the entire Nevada range, which
tons of individuals think confirms this so called myth, but in fact the
American Government has categorically denied the existence of these planes.
Why? Well if they need leading edge state of the art spy equipment…. why
would they let anyone know?


NUKES within the past Area 51 has been linked to nuclear testing…and…well
really this isn’t an excessive amount of of a myth Between 1945 and 1992 the US
government did perform over 1000 nuclear tests, tons of which were conducted at
the Nevada Test Site. The government in fact is pretty secret about it as,
albeit test sites are in the Nevada desert, winds can carry nuclear material to
cities like Las Vegas . Some theorists claim nuclear fall call at the states
has indirectly cause the death of nearing two million people. Officially
testing stopped in 1992 but some people think that really Area 51 is being used
to house secret underground tests a la North Korea style.

8. Freezrays and Heatrays 

and Heatrays A lil meme to whet your appetite here – When your boy gets shot by
a beam during the world 51 raid and you’re trying to stay him from melting.
Meep! If the American military might be testing nuclear weapons at Area 51,
what else could they be developing there? A lot of individuals think that Area
51 may be a
center for developing new weapons, the likes of of which we haven’t
seen yet. Perhaps this is often what’s taking place there…. energy weapons! I
wouldn’t be that surprised! Also Baba Vanga, the famous seer and blind mystic,
predicted there would be a war in Rome in 2045 using freezeray guns, so if they
were being developed at Area 51, i assume that would be about right timeline

7. Aliens 

Yes, yes. It’s the foremost popular theory and immediately we expect it’s a
myth as we’ve no discernible proof that Area 51 contains aliens, but tons of
speculation! In 1947 a mysterious crash shook the town of Roswell in New Mexico
and indeed became infamous. Eye witnesses claimed that they saw a silvery disc
shape UFO before the crash et al. reported seeing grey aliens! Many suspected a
canopy up and it had been widely believed that the alien bodies and crash
wreckage was taken to Area 51 to be examined. Physicist Bob Lazar claimed to
possess worked at Area 51 within the 1950s and he confirmed that there were
indeed Grey Aliens being kept there which it had been his job to aim to reverse
engineer alien technology. Alleged photographic and film evidence of alien
autopsies was leaked in 1995 – with Ray Santilli claiming it came from the US
Military. American Journalist Annie
Jacobson has conducted extensive research
on Area 51 and wrote a book about it – and she or he claims to possess
interviewed a source who seemed exceptionally scared and exceptionally
credible. Right now Aliens at Area 51 a assumed myth… but like….is it!
After the Storm…will this theory be

6. Alien Human Hybrids 

Human Hybrids One extension of the entire there are aliens at Area 51 thing is
that they’re breeding them with humans! Honestly, what! There is a piece of
writing of the crack theory website, collective which claims that
agents of a replacement world order are generating a breed of cross species
that look a bit like us but have the mental and psychic abilities of aliens.
Sure sure sure sure. Some think that there are indeed the much memed sexy
aliens at the power and a few people are becoming off with them left right and
center. Others think that the govt is harvesting alien organs… I am unsure
what us scarier. 

5. One
World Government

World Government So I just mentioned it within the point – tons of individuals
think that Area 51 is that the secret forum of the Illuminati – the Reptilians
or a 1 World Government. The whole reptilian thing has been a well-liked theory
with Americans and therefore the wider world who believe the planet elite is
formed from lizard people – this theory is most heavily perpetuated by good old
David Ike, he’s excellent value. Icke says : Thousands of years ago, the
reptilian beings [from the constellations Orion, Sirius, and Draco] intervened
on planet Earth and commenced interbreeding with humans. Not physically,
however, but rather through the manipulation of the human coding, or DNA. Icke
states that it’s no coincidence that humans have fundamental reptilian genetics
within their brain. Their HQ – Area 51, obvs. 

4. Time

nes Other myths surrounding Area 51 claim that the test facility holds the
key to time. Literally. Of course with a top secret base like Area 51 people
have assigned all quite whimsical projects thereto . Throughout history there
are suggestions that point travel might be real – the cell phone lady within
the Charley Chaplain movie, Swiss watch found during a 400 year old unopened
tomb, the people that come to the fore to the media claiming to be time
travelers – like John Titor. Are all of them hoaxes or could they be time travelers, if so….is the machine being held at Area 51! Interestingly
there’s an entire other theory that UFOs are literally time
travelers from the

3. It
Doesn’t Exist 

Doesn’t Exist This myth has been debunked but the very fact that it was
perpetuated for therefore long is terrifying. Area 51 has been alive since a
while within the late 1940s early 1950s but up until 2013 the us Government
refused to acknowledge its existence. Barack Obama was the primary president to
say it publicly. Before that though, the govt doubled down on its denial. It
even wrote that neither the Air Force nor the Department of Defense Owns or
operates any location referred to as Area 51. In 2005 Jeffrey Richelson, of
Washington University’s National Security Archive, submitted a Freedom of data
Act request to the United States government to disclose truth nature of the
world 51 base. In 2013, Washington released a bunch of documents and in In
2018, they finally lifted the ban on satellite imagery over Area 51….which
means you’ll now see that it considerably does exist on Google Maps. The issue
here is that the facilities existence was totally denied …but clothed to be
real. Which kind of makes people nervous on what else might be being covered
up. A lot of individuals think that the govt caved on admitting the facilities
existence and secretly moved all important work faraway from the test site and
is now using it as a red herring, a distraction and decoy to avoid bringing
attention to a replacement facility, a better guarded secret.

2. The
Storm may be a JOKE The
Facebook event created in June 2019 calling for people
to Storm Area 51 so we could see them aliens was said to possess began as a
joke, and that i get that. However the joke has
spiraled out of control with –
as of the time of this recording has 2 million people threatening
and therefore the man who started it all has finally revealed his identity –
Matty Roberts. Matty claimed that the post was a joke but like…. what if it
isn’t – he makes a good point…. the govt keeps what it seems like we do not
got to know secret – but the sheer virality of this posts shows that really
people do seem to require answers. The government rules by the principle that
knowledge is power, but only a get few people have the knowledge. There are 320
million Americans… what if they were suddenly all convinced to face up and
invite answers…the government would be pretty afraid, right? So what if the
event wasn’t a joke…what if it had been the primary spark of resistance and

1. 10,000
Year History 

  10,000 Year History We mentioned Bob Lazar earlier. He is the guy who
said he worked for Area 51 as a Physicist. Well the scariest part about his
claims regarding area 51 isn’t that the power is housing aliens or that the
govt is trying to recreate alien tech, but that really Area 51 is home to an in
depth database of alien history that links extra terrestrials to humans over
thousands of years. Lazar claims that aliens are involved in Human affairs for
over 10,000 years. Perhaps all of the theories about aliens building
Stonehenge or the pyramids of Giza are true? What of aliens are involved within the
formation of society sort of a number of individuals we previously labelled as
crazy, suspected? Wouldn’t that be…. mind melting and terrifying. 

Yes. It
would. OKAY in order that was the highest 10 Scary Area 51 Myths… but I even
have to ask…. what percentage of these are literally myths? give your opinion in comment box,,!





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