Most advance top 12 new science research

HELLO..! guys this is Heisenberg here we take list out some recently most advance science developments and new research. i hope you will enjoy let’s see…! 
12. 3D printing organs 

          3d printing has been around for a couple of years now but it just recently made breakthroughs bigger than cars or phone cases or toys that have been created before the 3d printer has started creating organs for human use sharor prosthetic are understandable but organs research is currently being conducted on implant kidney and liver structures also as other major organs organs just like the heart are going to be tougher but it’s definitely possible can you imagine being the person who kept organs available checking your list okay i want to print three kidneys and 4 livers today the reason the 3d printing works so well is that organs are very complicated and the machine does a layer by layer scan of an actual organ this enables them to give a very detailed printout crazy yes but not as crazy because the ability to print out human skin now that craziness is happening as we speak this will be to repair damaged skin or for purely cosmetic reasons. 
11. Needle-less vaccines

      what’s your least favorite a part of getting flu shots oh yeah the shot the needle that pierces your skin and stings this new invention called the immuno matrix patch will allow you to vaccinate yourself with a simple band-aid like patch this is not just great because it’s painless but it has even greater benefits one it takes a tenth of the vaccine that the syringe does which saves plenty of money and two it doesn’t require the glass file syringes hypodermic needles trained medical personnel and bio hazardous waste disposal so again it saves tons and plenty of money and resources are you able to imagine it being flu season and you only getting to town to pick up your flu patch and hearing it at home dream big and realistically this is often happening.
10.  Endless amount of storage 

      and list storage you recognize how a terabyte is basically big well what about a million terabytes maybe a trillion okay now imagine an endless amount of storage scientists at the University of Southampton have created and are working on advances with this technology not only will this device store endless info but it’s just about invincible to damage it’s made out of nano structured glass and has the power to record and retrieve five dimensional digital data by femtosecond laser writing as her right now it can only hold about 360 terabytes but things are quickly escalating it can undergo almost 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can last longer than anyone on this planet except maybe the tardigrade the technology isn’t for public use yet because it’s reserved for preserving historical documents first since it can hold an entire library of books they need already stored actual copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Newton’s optics the Magna Carta and King James Bible.
9.   Wall climbing fish 

        wall climbing fish ever seen a spider climb a wall what a few monkey hmm well what about a wall climbing fish and therefore the Amazon rain-forest only recently a wall climbing fish has been discovered this might not seem like a scientific advancement but in reality it means everything this isn’t the only thing odd about these fish who were all e-enough born in caves only they might see and were colorless this Ecuadorian fish defies gravity as it hikes up an almost vertical wall for ten feet it’s called a Kyoto stoma Mike crops and may be a sucker mouth armored catfish you’ve seen sucker fish climb underwater but out of the water may be a whole new thing scientists are ecstatic to review the technique and perhaps use it to make wall climbing gear for engineers.
8.  Cybernetic implants 

          cybernetic implants the term cyber-ware may be a pretty new field for scientists sure the primary pacer was implanted within the 1950s but that was such a small advancement compared to today we already have a man-made pancreas for diabetics as of now it’s simply a pod implanted into the skin by the wearer and it pumps insulin into their body but you see there are two sorts of cyber-ware today brain wear and body wear you recognize the data jack from The Matrix yeah like that it’s very hard to implant but it are often put into the users brain for various reasons in time it might be ready to upload thoughts to a PC or to other people’s brain where this is able to literally give us all telekinesis it would also allow us to regulate things with our mind with simple thoughts as if our minds were Alexa the opposite sort of cyber-ware is body wear and it’s much more simple because it works with muscles rather than brainwaves it’s been proven to permit those with prosthetic to easily control their new limbs isn’t that tremendous.
7. Stem cell transplants 

           we’ve had somatic cell transplants for many years especially for cancer patients but over the previous couple of years great advances are made that could change the whole world as we all know it let’s check out the bone marrow transplant this process takes healthy blood stem cells from relatives that have an identical DNA pattern and infuses them with the damaged cells replacing them all together this is often a necessary move in cancer patients whose bone marrow stops working in recent years advancements are made to permit this transplant to require place in patients with diabetes heart disease arthritis stroke victims Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s osteoporosis learning disabilities medulla spinals injuries and other conditions even things as simple as deafness and baldness this might even be ready to be done via artificial stem cells that’s an advancement in itself or maybe greater a cloning of healthy stem cells to culture during a lab ready to be used.
6.  Gas to solids 

         gas to solids have you ever ever seen scientists turned gas into a solid well nobody else had until only recently either what they’re doing now’s taking carbon dioxide and injecting volcanic basalt rock with pressurized liquid co2 by letting the natural chemical reactions do their work they find yourself with real stone this is often no small process though because it takes two years to realize but despite what you’ll believe this is often an excellent advancement for one particular reason tons of co2 is being pumped into the air in time this might kill us but if we turn it into stone it could just save humanity from extinction the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is functioning on both a way to dissolve the co2 gas into Icelandic water and inject it into the ground to show it to stone.
5.  Wireless electricity 

       wireless electricity isn’t exactly new but how amazing is it that new advancements are being made to the present day we know that Wireless light-bulbs are possible in order that means the possibilities are nearly limitless pretty soon everyone are going to be charging their phones in their pockets this is often due to what we all know as wireless power transfer and is that the transmission of electrical energy without wires plus it’s way safer I mean no more hairdryer bathtub incidents you know how Wi-Fi gives you internet without an coaxial cable or DSL well that’s the very same technology utilized in wireless power transfer during a few short years cords and wires are going to be a thing of the past actually there’ll be invisible waves of electricity connecting us all we’ll sleep in an electric current of technology connecting us during a way we never thought possible.
4.  Growing Rat-lam prosthetic limbs 

         growing Rat-lam prosthetic limbs have made amazing advancements the last few years but did you recognize that the line between biological and prosthetic is thinning a day regenerative scientists have proven this by growing a complete rat limb during a lab in Massachusetts General Hospital the limb could move and performance almost also as a natural limb while it had been natural just the method that got it there was not scientist took a forlorn from a rat and stripped away every living cell except the collagen that provides muscles and tendons their shape then they took cells from a special rat and placed the limb during a bioreactor to nourish it for around three weeks this stimulated the muscles with electricity which made the paw clenched and unclenched growing limbs is far harder than growing organs because they need many various kinds of cells Discover Magazine reports that in the future cells would be taken from the recipient themselves in many transplant cases the body will reject the unfamiliar hand or Oregon therefore the patient needs immunosuppressive therapy for the remainder of their life if the cells were taken from the recipient themselves the danger of rejection would be much lower and essentially people could grow their own limbs back it’ll be a minimum of ten years before bio limbs are going to be ready for human testing but science is on its way.
3.  Medical tattoos 

          I’m not talking about tattoos that cover scars warn people of an allergy or a dog tag of sorts I’m talking about something revolutionary what if everything that you attend the doctor for might be sent directly to them instantly and every one you had to try to to was get a short lived tattoo with diabetic pause and fitbit’s the instant info for doctors is becoming fairly easy but a replacement bio-metric tattoo could transmit medical information discreetly in the least times it uses radio frequency identification chips that are implanted under the skin these would probably be implanted in permanent tattoos within the future but as for right now they’re simply temporary tattoos that are replaced every five days they will be ready to measure perspiration heart rate and maybe soon call an ambulance measure blood glucose vital sign and more the simplest part is you’ll give your doctor an immediate link to anything that goes on in order that they can wirelessly monitor you.
2. Solar power 

         solar power solar energy it’s pretty ancient and it might seem that we would like to leave it within the past but thanks to the energy saved when using energy that’s so plentiful and natural from the Sun we really want to urge back thereto you see recently scientists are trying to amp up the solar energy there are a couple of reasons for this apart from saving energy you’re also saving money no electric belt then there’s the larger brake tax free energy in time everyone will be using solar powered PCs smart homes lighting then far more they have even created entire multi-billion-dollar solar powered factories in recent years might not be cool yet but choose it now you hip stir by something solar-powered it is the way of the longer term.
1. Floating cities

        if you thought floating cities were only for science-fiction re-evaluate these are currently being became science fact the sea studying Institute will begin construction very shortly this is able to be the perfect answer to natural disasters and so more problems like curing diseases poverty and cleaning the atmosphere plus it’s really cool designers say if we will be behind a reef break then we will design floating platforms that are sufficient for those waters at a reasonable cost construction will begin in 2019 and by 2050 it’s expected that tens of millions of residents will sleep in this new water world metropolis.




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