TOP 10 Cursed objects !

10. The Haunted Wedding Dress

The Haunted Wedding dress was belongs to the woman who was most beautiful pretty woman in mid 80’s .there was a woman named Anna baker who wanted to marry with her true lover.she was love with lower class worker who was work for Elias Baker but the father Elias baker against to her because he was lower class and baker family was wealthy so that the Anna decide to single rest of life. after the end of baker family the wedding dress put in her room behind the glass case. some people claim to saw Anna’s ghost in her room ,some people claim the dress move on full moon night and hear some horrible noises in there room.
9.Cursed Mirror of Myrtle’s Plantation

The plantation is one of the most haunted house in america. there are sported at least 12 ghosts at that that house had one mirror according to legends this mirror hold spirits of Sara wood ruff and two of her children. some people claim to see there ghosts and occasionally leave the hand prints on that mirror.
8. Hope Diamond

The hope diamond is one of the greatest diamond in the world. it is belongs to is 45.52 carats of weighing with dark blue color and the estimate value is $200-$350 million USD. the diamond has been some mythology of reputed curse to the effect that who owned that diamond they all die in some mysterious present the hope diamond locked out in the national museum of natural history at US.
7. Little Bastard

In 1955 there was a best racing car and that’s name was little of the best and cursed racing car ever who’s owner was Hollywood actor jams dean.on September 30 1995 he was death due to car crash in racing competition. In between 1956-1960 after the death the car was took by barris and he describe some paranormal activity according that car and some people saw the car took fire automatically in garage.
6. Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Tutankhamun was the last royal king who rule on Egypt in 1334-1325 BC . The cursed of pharaohs is who disturb the Egyptian mummy will die with illness or bad accidents, this curse not differentiate between thieves and archaeologist. some author and documentaries said that this curse is real and some people die according describe in curse.

5. OTZI (aka iceman)

OTZI aka iceman who is well preserved natural mummy of 45 yeas old man live between 3400 and 3100 BCE. The mummy found in 1931 in otzal was curse like pharaohs’s who was involve in recover otzi mummy the death seven people in some mysterious accident and other four people who was died due to deadliest illness.In present this is locked out in south tyrol museum of archaeology.
4. Chair of Death

The Chair of Death is belongs to Thomas busby who was murderer and died by hanging in 1702 in yorkshire in the UK.This chair made from oak wood and cured by the thomas busby. after this so many deaths occuring by sitting on that chair.
3. The Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk box is a simple wine box which is possess the living things and said to be danger to touch or open it. the owner of that box said that this box is possess by some dangerous spirits. inside that box had some black magic stuff like different hairs , one woody doll , 4 octopus leg and some wine with golden glass.according to some legends said this is one of the dangerous possession thing who harmful to own it.
2. Annabelle doll

Annabelle doll is one of the most dangerous and harmful possess doll in the world. The paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine warren who said that this is connect with some dangerous demon and it want to soul for the energy. This doll behave strangely like move one place to another some time it vanish strangely . according Ed and Lorraine this doll connect with girl spirit who name is Annabelle so that this doll called Annabelle doll.
1. The Crying boy

The Crying boy is most famous painting in the world which is belongs to Italian painter Giovanni Brsgolin. on 5 September 1985 , the British newspaper the sun said that this painting curse, the sun said that the copy of this painting was curse because every burned houses this painting found it was undameged condition.





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